AROMA Homecare - the leading provider of home health care.

About AROMA Homecare

Aroma Home Health Care LLC, is a privately own company that aims to provide dignified care to the elderly, disabled, those recovering from acute illnesses and those with chronic illnesses within their environment. The agency’s goal is to ultimately empower and assist our clients in lessening the barriers to achieving their highest individual potentials. The company is owned by a nurse and is managed by nurses who have cared for individuals in the community for over twenty years.

At Aroma Home Health Care LLC, we offer an array of services such as, skilled nursing, personal care, companionship. We are a Virginia State Licensed, Insured and Bonded Home Health Agency.

At Aroma Home Health LLC, we believe that every individual deserves to be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect. We believe in creating solid working relationships and genuine friendships; a family committed to each member’s health and well-being. Our commitment is to our very own version of the modern-day care journey that grants our individual clients peace, independence, and happiness. We are continuously committed to achieving optimal results through the provision of a specialized brand of care that is structured around the needs and goals of those we serve – a brand of care that is further enhanced and made more comprehensive when it is provided in the comforts, security, and familiarity of a person’s home. It is through this combination and the fact that we have the most brilliant and kind-hearted care professionals leading our team that we are able to ensure positive life-changing results in so many ways.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, ethical and cost efficient care to our clients while promoting their independence.

Our Core Values are
  • Fairness: Treat everyone, including our clients, their loved ones, our clients’ representatives, and employees with the same level of fairness we would want for ourselves.

  • Respect: Treat our clients, their loved ones, our clients’ representatives, our employees and communities with the utmost respect and dignity.

  • Individuality: Treat everyone as an individual no matter the gender, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin and sexual orientation.

  • Ethical: Being ethical in our actions and thoughts

  • Nobility: Being noble in our actions

  • Dedication: Show dedication to our their loved ones, our clients’ representatives, our employees and communities


At Aroma Home Health Care LLC, we recognize that each individual is different. Our vision is to remain among the best home health agencies in the area by providing respectful, customized and responsive care that is based on our clients’ needs.

We are always happy to tell you more about our agency and what we stand for. Get in touch with our staff today by calling 703-361-1253 or sending a message to Even better, you can schedule an assessment so we can identify your needs right away!